Friday, March 13, 2009

You buy books = I buy books.

About 10 copies of the Pingel/Wilkinson chap have sold thus far. This means that over the last week I've had (10 x 6 - .47 x 10...60 - 4.70= 55.30, right?) some money to spend on books myself. What follows is a list of the books I've chosen to spend that money on:

Light Boxes, Shane Jones

The Pond, Zachary Schomburg

Someone Else's Body, Claire Donato

Lining, Lisa Fishman

This is Why I Hurt You, Kate Greenstreet

I'm still waiting on some, others are already here...either way, this is shaping up to be a pretty sweet weekend...well, that and the fact that this is St. Patrick's Weekend here in Chicago. Guinness, Bushmill's and poetry, hell, maybe I'll even read a little Seamus Heaney for good measure. Actually, I shouldn't even say that. Heaney is on my lame list, though he's not a "permanent" member. If you feel strongly the other way, I'd listen to your arguments.

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jpb said...

I’m curious as to whether you’d be interested in reviewing any of these in the form of either a long review (around 1000 words) or a short capsule review (around 250 words) for a new book review I’m getting started, focused on innovative literature. Most of what you might want to know can be found here.

Drop me a line if you think you might be interested; we’ve gotten a pretty good slate of people together for the first issue and I think you’d be a good fit. Use “editor” at vivariumreview dot org to reach me.