Monday, March 09, 2009

My official acceptance letter from Iowa came in the mail over the weekend. It didn't say anything too least nothing I hadn't already heard in my conversations with Jim Galvin, but there was one little piece of info I was really excited about...Dan Beachy-Quick is on the visiting faculty list for 2009. There have been spurts over the last few years that I have been completely fascinated with Beachy-Quick's work, beginning with "Spell," and continuing through his "Whaler's Dictionary." His use of established narratives, the way he redecorates certain spaces within them, is genius. That said, the level of literacy one must have to fully appreciate this work is a little daunting...and I know I'm no where close to it. Regardless, it will be nice to work with him in whatever capacity I'm allowed.

Hey, are you going to the Rabbit Light Live reading tomorrow? Information about that would look like this: The second iteration of Rabbit Light Live is this Tuesday 8pm at New Wave Coffee (2557 N. Milwaukee Ave in Chicago) featuring 3 stellar writers:

Aaron Kunin (Los Angeles), author of a new novel The Mandarin (Fence) and Folding Ruler Star (Fence).

CAConrad (Philadelphia), author of a new collection of poetry: The Book of Frank (Chax)

Magdalena Zurawaski (Maine), author of a new novel The Bruise (FC2).

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