Friday, November 13, 2009

These diagrams were on the board when I walked into my classroom the other day. The only thing I added (besides captions) was the ball. Did you ever play tetherball? I did. Like everyday.

I kind of want to play tetherball right now. Though, I may just go watch Superman on TV.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

After class the other day I was walking through buildings and I came across a hallway that has been a part of every nightmare I can remember having...turns out my mom took me here once. It's like walking down the Terminator-animal hall of fame. Oh, and then there were some skulls and then a table of elements.

Ununhexium is elemental mystery.

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Mr. Dan Perry dropped off the covers for Further Adventures next book. With this, we are officially entering the world of single author chapbooks. This will make a great gift to give your loved one(s) during the holidays. That's a promise. What do you think? Are you excited? Excited as I am?

When they are done, I will let out a mighty roar. Wait for it.

I ordered some 1/2-priced-post-Halloween animal masks early last week, and got them in the mail yesterday. These are pictures of me trying them out. I can say with some certainty that when they make these masks, they don't take into account the human face underneath. The sheep mask touches my eyeballs. The bear's eyes are so far apart you have to walk sideways...bears don't walk sideways and thus the disguise is completely blown. Oddly enough, the wolf fits me perfectly.

So, if anyone is interested in playing out a lover's triangle starring these three, let me know.