Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I got Shane Jones' novel, "Light Boxes" in the mail yesterday. Two tremendous things happened immediately afterwards. One, was reading the first 15 pages of that book. In a sense, it was like the difference between looking at pictures and seeing it for yourself...meaning, the poems of Jones' I've thus far read were awesome but telling of a much grander place, and this novel is the realization of that idea. Jones' style needs room to breathe...is like a goldfish willing to grow as big as his space allows...and though in most cases his poems are perfect enough, its nice to see what he does with the extra room. In short, I'm really looking forward to spending a little more time with this book.
The second tremendous thing was what the protective sleeve around the book had written on it. "HEY THANK YOU BENJAMIN." I immediately decided that was what my manuscript was now called, and I wrote two more poems towards its completion. So...I think I owe Adam Robinson a bit of gratitude...


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