Monday, March 16, 2009

Lake, Lake, City, Lake

Yesterday I went to the lake. I live right by there and since I only have about 3 months left here I figured I should take advantage of that. These are pictures of lake and the city. These are the only pictures I took that don't look just like U2's new album, or Joshua Beckman's book, "Your Time Has Come."

I read Kate Greenstreet's "This is Why I Hurt You," twice this weekend. It's quick, but dense. It's what I imagine quicksand to be like, or tornadoes...which is kind of how the book hits you; there is an unsettling rumble, there are circumstances that one would consider ominous, and then there are lines that make you duck and cover. The situations in which a biting honesty is thrust upon us aren't so much surprising as they are a complete rediscovery of what honest is and can be. They say that in trepidation our true selves are exposed, and this is what I believe Greenstreet is after, only, without the usual dramatization, and though I will leave her version of this for you to discover, I will say that it is just as terrifying and grotesque as anything you could imagine.

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