Tuesday, February 10, 2009

With a bullet

That was my parking space...

This is my work space...
In other news, my good friend Dan Perry has come up with some wicked images for the next FA chappy...wicked. I'm in the midst of printing; covers done, everything else not. I probably won't have too many to go around during AWP, but hopefully enough for all who want one... That's the nice thing about living here during AWP, everything I need will be right here with me. Tomorrow I hope to stamp this on roughly 30 covers, "Cold Faction," "Joshua Marie Wilkinson," "All Types of Breath Included," "Lucas Pingel."

Speaking of AWP, I hope to see you around: at the bookfair, at the panels, or at a reading or two. If you can't find me, just follow the sound of babbling praise and an inability to come up with something more creative to say than, "I really love your work, no really, I love it..." Most likely that will lead you directly to me.

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