Friday, February 20, 2009

sick dogs suk

  • My dog was sick this week. Real sick. $500.00 at the vet sick.
  • I didn' t then, nor do I have now, that $500.00.
  • Thus, this entire weekend will be spent at home.
  • Thus, this entire weekend will be spent making books.
  • Thus, by Monday I will have books for you to buy.
  • My dog won't buy books and even if she did I'd tell her, "You have a large vet bill, you shouldn't be spending any money on books. Bad dog! No, no books!"
  • Be on the lookout for a couple of large FA announcements coming in the next few days...LARGE.
  • My dog being sick led to a weird coincidence: See that Stanford quote up there? Yeah, weird.
  • My nephew draws funny pictures, this is one:


Jonathan Barrett said...

I'm probably really dense but does FA stand for? I have a suspicion I know what it means but I'm the "takes-30-seconds-to-get-a-joke" type of dense so I think my denseness rolls over into other areas of my life sometimes.

B.J. said...

FA stands for (F)urther (A)dventures.
Being that you're my co-editor you should probably know that...

That's right, I said co-editor. I let that sink in for a while.

Jonathan Barrett said...

I was just thinking about things again yesterday. I'm going to be upgrading to an Apple soon and thought to myself: "I'm going to get Quark so that I can start a journal and so BJ & I can do the chapbook thing." The thought kind of happened without any pre-planning, etc. That being said I started thinking about a lot of things and had a lot of questions so we need to talk soon.