Monday, February 02, 2009

I've always liked Bruce Springsteen, but until yesterday's halftime show, I'd never loved him.

That's all's forever Boss-time in my heart from here on out.

Yesterday, I dumped a whole 32 oz. soda on my floor and my dog hid under the bed. 32 oz. beverages are scary. I would have hid under the bed too, but I can't afford to throw away my rug, and I was hungry.

Is there any fatal disease that has a symptom akin to always smelling's everywhere, the onion, I mean. Though, I guess the disease could be everywhere too. Is there a disease that smells like onion?

AWP is in about a week, like 10 days, I guess. I'm working hard to share some really awesome poetry with you. This past week proofs were handed off to the authors and creative was done on the cover. It's getting close. I hope you're excited. My dog is not...she's still hiding under the bed, reliving the shock of fallen soda.

I have fears that my dog is my best friend. She just gets me, you know?

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