Wednesday, February 11, 2009

DFK arrived late this evening (that's him there, he's a whisker baby who enjoys dressing in fuzzy costumes). He drove from Alabama. Where did you drive from? I bet it wasn't Alabama. From what I understand Alabama is wicked far from here. Point is, an old and dear friend is currently curling up on an air mattress in my living room. Amongst other things, that makes me happy. One of the other things is that he brought me Cuban baseball shirt...which I think is illegal? Anyway, my friend, DFK, is the sole proprietor of Small Fires Press and he is here to sell you books. I've seen them, and brother, they are sweet!
He's got this one that's a box of recipe cards and you can arrange and rearrange them however you want AND it's cowritten by one of my future authors Joshua Ware.

Speaking of MY stuff, I've had a small hiccup and don't think I'll have any books ready to go for AWP...I had to walk in the rain today and everything got wet. Now, I'll do a lot of things, but I won't sell you wet, wrinkled books...I just won't. So, I'm hoping to salvage a few of the pages and if you see me, tell me you'd like one and I'll make sure it finds its way into your soft, poet hands...

Tomorrow, I'm going to the Ahsahta + TYPO reading at the Empty Bottle from 6-9, you should too!

I don't know about flames and stained glass, but I do know about poetry and this will be a keeper.

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