Sunday, January 18, 2009

My dog is very inspirational. Yesterday I gave her a bath. Then I took a bath. I hadn't, up to then, taken a bath in almost 10 years. My wife takes baths all the time. She reads in there. My dog can't read, but I'll swear to you that when she barks, it sounds like she's just saying, "bark." I've started saying "bark" now too, but only when I talk to my dog. I think it would be weird to say "bark" to a person. They might think you're angry with them, which would rarely be the case because I don't talk (at all) to people I'm angry with.

My dog also inspired me to tell you that I will have JMW and LBP's FA book done by AWP.

Oops, I mean...Bark.

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Jonathan Barrett said...

I look forward to reading your chapbooks when I get my hands on them. Bark, bark.

I haven't had the opportunity to purchase the first one. Do you still have copies available? Bark, bark.