Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I used to consider myself "hip." Then I moved to Chicago. Chicago is full of "hip" people. They call themselves "hipsters." I no longer believe myself to be "hip." If "hip" was lawndarts I would be inside the circle but way off the bullseye...there could be many reasons for this but I blame the "economic crisis."

It is in this spirit that I tell you that:
  • my favorite record right now is "Only by the Night," by Kings of Leon. I've been a fan of KOL since their first EP, and like many I was a little weary of their decision to focus on pop melodies, but the track, "I want you" may be the best record I've heard since Bon Savants' "Between the moon and the ocean," which is my favorite song...ever.
  • I got a new pair of blue Adidas for Christmas. I love them, so I've decided the only way to not ruin them is to never wear them, at least not until Spring.
  • In the meantime, all I wear are giant snowboots with velcro straps that were on sale, but also much too large.
  • I'm just now getting into "Freaks and Geeks."
  • I'm ready to admit that corduroys are my favorite type of slack and blazer, but not my favorite type of suit...
  • My wife's birthday is this weekend and I've purchased her 3 extraordinarily lame and cheap gifts that I fear she'll hate.
  • I think that Jason Segal (of How I Met Your Mother and Freaks and Geeks) and I could be best friends...and I don't care who knows it.
  • I only mentioned that because people who I mention in my blog have a knack for finding themselves in it...which is why you should totally email me, Jason. Seriously...we could have the best time together!
I'm currently reading a shit-ton of James Tate, Peter Gizzi, CD Wright, Forrest Gander and Cole Swensen, mostly to fuel my dreams of studying under them someday, but more because I'm lame and really haven't read them much before, though I have seen all them read, which I count for something, but you may not...

I make kick ass guacamole, Jason. I'd love to share a bowl with you...call me.

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Jonathan Barrett said...

Hipsters aren't proprietary to Chicago. Dude, they're everywhere. They're in KC. I can tell you all the local hipster "hang outs" in KC. I even had a friend who lives in Toledo, IA post on his Facebook that he hates "hipsters." How do "hipsters" have space to hip in Toledo, IA. They're seriously taken over and they fucking suck. Long live the hipsters.