Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Christmas break in reverse

We come home to find this...a backed up sink. Backed up by what, you ask...backed up by rat, I answer. Sadly, I mean a real rat and not my diabolical nemesis attempting to ruin everything I love...like the ceramic sponge wielding toad, hand painted, no less, by my lovely wife.
We eat burritos that represent the most weight we lift in months...years, maybe.
We gawk at fat squirrels and then pretend to be fat squirrels having heart attacks. We then do additional, though needless and derivative, fat squirrel comedy bits the rest of vacation.
We drive around for hours taking 17 pictures of sun dogs all the while having arguments about what sun dogs actually are...scientifically.

I was right, by the way...scientifically.
Our vacation begins with a new found ability to not see buildings just beyond the trees, which, after enough time in the city becomes miraculous...also, it was wicked quiet...not at all like city quiet, but real quiet, you know?

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