Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I've mentioned this before, but, Sommer Browning is my new favorite poet

How totally awesome is she...I raved about a poem of hers not too long ago and yesterday I finally got her book from horseless in the mail...I read it immediately. It's prolly my awesomest book (to paraphrase a favorite t-shirt). The book is called Vale Tudo. It's about Ultimate Fighting, Walt Whitman and consumer culture...exactly. You can by it from Jen Tynes for only $6 and it comes with a collectible card.

This just reminds me of what a good job Jen does with all those books. The format she has chosen really plays with your expectations of what will be inside...shit, I'd recommend going to the website and buying everything you can.

On a side note, after three months of unemployment and then three months of working and working to get caught up, these are the first two records I buy: the Juno soundtrack (because I'm a 17 year-old girl, and Kate Nash's "Made of Bricks," mostly for the same reason, but also because I have a tendency to love anything with a British accent.

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