Monday, February 04, 2008

Five Things

1. Eric Baus being surprised that someone (me) recognized him. Our conversation could have been tracked by that White Stripes know the one. He gave me his e-mail address, but the question remains; what does one say to an author they love so dearly.

2. is for $2 subscriptions to jubilat, they even let me renew for that - and I was able to buy jubilat #5 again (my 3rd one), the Jack Spicer letters in that issue will literally change your life, yes, exactly like the Shins song in Garden State. It is that reason that I've had to buy it twice after receiving it once as a gift from my friend A.McN.

3. Zachary Schomburg running off with L.P.'s copy of "The Mansuit," and him replying, "Huh...really didn't see that coming," immediately prior to our cab showing up, and me trying to explain to a non-native speaking driver precisely what was taking place. Do not fret, all was returned and the inscription finally placed inside will forever lead to a great story.

4. Me reading Jonah Winter's "Book Reports" out loud to my unwilling suitemates. Sure, they might not have cared, but did Jesus stop when nobody cared? I believe my point is made. As a side note...please go buy that book, if you do and are disappointed I will personally buy it from you for exactly what you paid. That's called a guarantee, and I'm not even selling medicinal tonic.

5. Steal This Reading. It was like Woodstock, but for poets. The fire department even tried to shut it down! So many awesome readings, so many awesome people, and I even got the chance to make an asshole of myself by sitting right in front of the projection screen the only reading it was used way to salvage that one, but it's better to be "that guy" than no one at all.

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