Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Rabbit Light Movies #6

Joshua Marie Wilkinson's "Rabbit Light Movies" is up with a new episode of sweet little poemfilms that'll make you smile even when the temperature drops forty degrees in the span of a few hours. My favorites, so far, are Jason Bredle and Julia Cohen and Mathias Svalina reading from the new collaborative chapbook called, "When We Broke the Microscope," and published by my friend, Friedrich Kerksieck, available for purchase at: www.smallfirespress.com. In fact, the book itself makes an uncredited cameo at the bottom of the screen for much of the film.

The thing I love most about Bredle's video is the life it takes on all by itself, becoming not just a filmed poetry reading, but a glimpse into the poems particular place in the world. Watching Bredle react to passersby, in what looks to be Lincoln Park here in Chicago, is precious to say the least. What plays out on his face is amazing, the realization that poem and place are not at all compatible, but the fact that he MUST do it (as evidenced in Wilkinson's "Take 67" at the outset of the film) driving him forward.

The film, in its few minutes turns out to the actual separation between the poet in the privacy of his workspace, and the poet in public. What is more than easy to say there can become virtually unsayable someplace else.

Watch it, you'll love it too.

And now for 12 really good songs I found for free in the month of January:

1. Mr. Pitiful, by Matt Costa
2. Bag of Hammers, by Thao
3. Electric Bird, by Sia
4. Rockist Part 1, by School of Language
5. Today (SP cover), by Ben Kweller
6. The March, by Astra Heights
7. Next to Argyle, by Scissors for Lefty
8. On and On, by The Bell
9. Seeds of Night, by The Cave Singers
10. Paper Aeroplane, by Angus and Julia Stone
11. Glue Girls, by Somebody Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin
12. Safe Tomorrow Sun, by Surrounded

See you in NY!

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