Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Eric Baus Reading One of My Top 5 Poems Ever.

Baus' poems never cease to startle me. We've all questioned nouns, verbs, adjectives, even adverbs, and all with good reason, but how many of us have ever dared to question conjunctions? At first glance, most of Baus' lines appear to be incomplete thoughts, but look again, and you'll see the very idea of language/communication becoming suspect. In fact, what is seen is the most desperate rendering of unrequited love imaginable: that of poet and language.

No matter how hard the poet tries, she will never...never be able to know language, to be able to make it do for us what we dream it doing. That relationship is one sided my friend.

Language, she is a bitter mistress.

I don't know...I suggest you read as much Baus as you can.

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