Monday, January 21, 2008

lament: Poetry Disguised as Newsletter

A new poetry journal is up and running over at , and I must say that it is more (in so many ways) than I had anticipated. This month features Nick Moudry and Dan Fisher in the most auspicious duet I've read all year (including too, a good portion of last year). Moudry's poems have consistently inspired me to be a better writer, artist and Iowan.

Here, though, is the most exciting tangible of lament; it is a single sheet, one poet per side, easy to digest pamphlet. If you so desired you could carry it in your back pocket, tape it to the wall by your toilet, or sneak it in with work papers and read it while your assumes you are busy with one of her assignments. The point is this, no longer do you have to carry with you a "volume" to read poetry. No longer is the consumption of poetry relegated to the bag carriers of the world.

It is widely believed that the only people reading poetry with any regularity are the poets themselves, it is my hope that a literary journal in this form will change that. Lofty, yes, but also doable, I think. Cheap to produce, convenient to carry with you, and totally enjoyable.

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