Sunday, January 20, 2008

Matthew Zapruder: Fringe Poetry Series

Click on the title of this post and be amazed by a new Zapruder Film. The introduction is ridiculously long; I don't really get the desire to critically acclaim in introductions, there is no bravado in doing so, I mean, can you imagine some one coming out onto a stage and going, "Led Zeppelin are the writers of 10 albums and numerous side projects. Their music is a thundering announcement that what we need is never what we want..." and so on. It'd be preposterous, so why do we insist on doing it to authors?
Anyway, the aspect of Zapruder's reading style that I've always tried to imitate is its unassumingness. His poems, when read off the page, are often withholding (i.e., the poems continually replace specific, expected words/ideas, with other word/ideas that don't just turn our expectations on their ears, they remove the ears altogether), but his ease of tone while reading them aloud conditions you to believe that he is having a conversation with you, or that he is passing on fatherly advice. It is a sincerity in his cadence and timbre, the feeling that if he didn't have a microphone, you might not even notice what he was doing. I respect that greatly, and hope that my future readings can sound like Zapruder.

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