Monday, January 18, 2010

You know...besides the cold, winter is pretty awesome.

I finally registered for classes last week (I had to show proof of immunization, which is hard to do when you're 31 and haven't had that to worry about since your freshman year in college), and doing so required that I swing by the Workshop. The folks in the office were sitting amongst 1300 fiction applications and over 900 poetry applications stacked in mail tubs and columned throughout what little space they have in there. 2200 applications for next year. 40 people will get in...I hope you are one.

A quick list of things I'm currently in the market for: a reading chair (preferably broken in), a new portable record player (my old non-portable one didn't survive the last move), a reading lamp, one of those old magazine racks (preferably identical to my grandma's), a large cork board/calendar, and a garbage can.

Did I ever tell you I'm reading in Minneapolis on July 1st? I am.

I've also been asked to write a book review...but what book? Help...

Today is my last day off...I've done a pretty good job of avoiding poetry for the last month, hoping to feel a bit more refreshed this semester.

I'm also hoping to take the new FA chapbook to print this week (now that I'll have a little extra scratch). Keep an ear out for that...

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