Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Have you ever stopped, just briefly, and realized you were about to pay $100 for used boots? And then, when you try to figure out how you reached this point, found yourself actually doing more to defend the decision?

I did this today. I thought it went really well...then I found out that all people actually heard was cha-cha music. Sadly, cha-cha music is probably more appropriate for noon than poetry, especially poetry about elevators and jack-o-lanterns and stars named Jenny.

My first poetry workshop with James Galvin is in the can. I'm really not a fan of workshop (i.e. I'm blogging instead of poeming), but I think this one will be alright. So far, we're talking a lot more about poetry and not poems; our poems, your poems, my poems. That's much more interesting to me, talking about poetry, that is.

Do you own all Michael Zapruder's records? You prolly should. They contain about 5 of my favorite songs ever.

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