Thursday, January 07, 2010

All these pictures are from my back yard (as far as I've roamed in the last few days). One was taken at 4 o'clock in the morning when my dog (who doesn't like snow and therefore doesn't poop in snow) couldn't hold it any longer. Another one has two suns, or at least the illusion of two suns, as there really is no sun at all. The rest are various spots along the same line.

Yesterday I bought bleach. Using it, the bleach, has been the most thrilling part of my day so far. I mean, how white can the whites be? What if I get bleach on my hands and then touch something else? Where exactly is the line between not enough bleach and too much bleach? I followed the directions, but the washer in our apartment still feels the need to advertise that it is, in fact, AUTOMATIC. Do those directions, therefore, still hold? Is it that bleach is actually scary, or am I wholly under stimulated?


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