Wednesday, January 27, 2010

At what age is it appropriate for you to start telling kids to "rock on?" Is this a conscious decision, or does it just happen once accidentally, and then again, and again? Personally, I'm 31 (going on 32) and I've been telling kids to, "rock on," for some time now. I think for awhile it was generational, but then that first group of kids told to "rock on," grew up and began telling a new wave of kids to "rock on," as though it was a cultural expectation. Can David Essex take all the blame, or does he deserve to share it with others? You decide:

This video reminds of me of "Revenge of the Nerds II: Nerds in Paradise." The nerds were on Spring Break and staying at a hotel called the Coral Essex. After some run-ins with the non-nerds, the nerds threw a party the only way they knew how, and used nerd skill-sets to make the sign say, Oral Sex. I don't remember much else from that movie...actually, that's a total lie, I remember pretty much the whole thing (now that I'm thinking about it).

I wonder if anyone ever told the nerds to "rock on?" Probably their dads.

Greying Ghost is having a winter sale. 4 books for $21. Do it here.

Today only, Wave Books is selling their "State of the Union," for $5. You should read it when there is nothing good on during the actual State of the Union address.

Black Ocean is practically giving away (reasons to buy their) books. You should do it, then make a necklace out of them and then wear it to some sort of fundraiser, like, say, the one for the U of C Lab School that I used to work for, telling people the whole time, that you've "already donated every cent you could to a much worthier cause." It will get huge laughs.

Trust me.

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