Sunday, January 03, 2010

This place is real, my friends. We drove past it. All places you drive past must be real in order for you to pass them...that's how we decided time was real. Awesome Corner used to be a gas station and snack shop. Now Awesome Corner is a goat farm that sells goat cheese, so, if you're interested you can buy Awesome Corner goat cheese.

It's things like this that make me miss Iowa when I don't live here.

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Bob said...

It is sooo my pleasure to clear things up. Awesome Corner used to be a convenience store that made signature pizza and soft serve (no gas) and now its the home of Farmers' All Natural Creamery, one of the few organic dairy product plants (not goat milk) in the US and its signature is their unique old fashion bottle and the local Amish farms who provide milk to the plant. It is known to have some of the cleanest organic milk in the country and it is non-homogenized, found in a number of organic stores across the country. Thanks for remembering us. signed, Awesome Bob