Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Rate Teen Wolf/Teen Wolf Too

If I were a robot, this question would be the one that blew my circuit board and made smoke poof out of my ears (assuming I was a listening robot). Teen Wolf, as we all know, is awesome. It's the perfect representation of puberty and learned self-assurance. It's got Micheal J. Fox and Francis from Pee Wee's Big Adventure (though, so does Teen Wolf Too). And most importantly, it features a team sport we can all associate with, basketball.
Teen Wolf Too, though, features exploitation (of a teen wolf and of the original's credibility), a poor man's Michael J. Fox, and boxing?
Now, as much as I love Jason Bateman, he's no Marty McFly, so tell me, please, how does one rate these movies together? Teen Wolf by itself? 5 stars, for sure, but when paired with Too, shit, I don't know. Do I falsify my public preference for both just for the sake of the one? Do I pretend to dislike both due to the bad taste left by only one? Netflix is pressuring me for a rating...What do I do?

In less confusing news: Today I washed dishes, clothes AND a dog. I also had two poems accepted to The Corduroy Mtn. You should send them something too, they got back to me in about a half-hour, which totally make their no simultaneous subs guidline workable. Anyway, thanks for taking my poems, and for making sweet books.

You know what you should do? You should go to small fires and check out FK's new books. It's rare to find things so beautiful and readable. And remember, each book is letterpressed and hand bound by FK himself. Some people just make money, this guy makes books. You should help him make a little of both.

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Jonathan Barrett said...

An Average. Netflix has a 1-5 ratings which corresponds to: hated it, didn't like it, liked it, really liked it, and loved it. Of course there's Not Interested but you've already watched the movie so that one doesn't count. So rate Teen Wolf and Teen Wolf Too and come up with an average, e.g., Teen Wolf is a 5 because you "loved it" and Teen Wolf Too is a 1 because you "hated it." Thus, the two put together are a 3, which means you "like" the two movies. But that's just my shitty opinion.

I'm going to eat. I'm going to eat. Yummy, Yummy, Yummy...There's a party in my tummy. There's a party in my tummy.