Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Frank Stanford Literary Festival is this weekend. I can't go. It turns out I'm really bad at the whole working class thing. Example: I've worked the same temp job for a year now...not good enough to be hired on full-time, and too lazy to complain about it. Point is, I've got no money. The good news is though, one of the big reasons I wanted to go to the festival (outside of the BIG one), Abraham Smith is coming to Chicago. That's right, Friday, November 7th, Smith is, sort of, headlining JMW's Poetry & Chicago Convocation at Loyola (12 to 3). There will be others there too: Lisa Fishman, John Keene, Robyn Schiff, Quraysh Ali Lansana and Jennifer Karmin. If poetry isn't your thing, then there will also be a free lunch. So, come and hang out with the poetry bums AND the regular bums AND Abraham Smith.

I'm putting together a writing sample for my MFA apps, so, friends who have read my poems, if you remember any of them at all, or remember them being any good, let me know. I have my favorites, but that doesn't mean much, because I have way more than 10 favorites.

Also, I just figured out this weekend how my camera works...and I've had it for 4 years.

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Jonathan Barrett said...

Unfortunately, I haven't seen a lot of your new work other than what I read at AWP, which was, I believe, part of a longer series of poems that I read last fall. Previous to that I only read a few here and there between 2003 and 2007.

Where are you going to apply?