Thursday, May 15, 2008

Straight from The Horses' Mouths

A few things I've found out over the course of the last few days...

One, Michael Schiavo tells me that David Berman's work in his journal, Tight, is a "sort of" poem, and that the Jews has kept him a little too busy over the last few years to do much non Silver Jews work... But that is supposedly changing next year. Whoopee!

(update: Check out TIGHT's webspace here:
I've also been told that the issue will soon, really soon, be ready to purchase from Northshire Bookstore, perhaps even as soon as tomorrow... check that out here:

Two: If you're like me, and if your reading this blog you most likely are, you have been waiting patiently for a new Eric Baus collection. Well, I heard from Eric this morning that Octopus Books should have his next book, "Tuned Droves," slapping our senses across the face in early July... AND soon to follow will be another chapbook, "Bee Stung Aviary," which will be fully exposed by none other than me and my press FURTHER ADVENTURES CHAPBOOKS & PAMPHLETS. It's criminal, it's good, it's windproof too...

What else...

There's a good poem over at linebreak this week.

Schomburg is sneak peeking Ben Estes drawings from "Scary/No Scary," very cool.

Reading Mathias Svalina's "Why I am White." He's doing some very rad things. It's a book that appears to be noting our fascination with single sentence descriptors of self, and the broad, umbrella language we use to express them. I like how it's just as much complex social behavior study as it is poetry. The book lays out hundreds of these definitions and ultimately, I think, we are to find each one grossly oversimplified, so much so, in fact that when we look back at ourselves we will begin to demand more.

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