Friday, May 16, 2008

For Realz...

I just bought mine, now go and buy yours. I've been hyping this up for months, and it's finally here, and only $10!

If $10 is seems a little steep for you (and it shouldn't, unless you're my mom) than another option is the new issue of DIODE. It's full of gread poetry and sprinkled with a few of the poets you get to hear me freak out over, time and time again. Namely, Zachary Schomburg, Noah Eli Gordon (who I love, but don't mention enough in these posts) and Julia Cohen, who completed my current Holy Trinity of female writers (the others being Sommer Browning, who's in the new TIGHT, and Jennifer L. Knox, who I hope is my long lost twin because I feel like we complete each other).

In other news, I don't want to leave a bad taste in anyone's mouth, but I still haven't received the book I ordered from Dancing Girl Press, the e-mail I sent to the one suggested in the Paypal message was returned, so if anyone knows how to contact Kristy Bowen let me know... it's not the money I'm worried about, I just really want that book...

MarioKart Wii has taken over my life, the only thing saving me from it, is that Lego Star Wars is my wife's new me. She love's it, professes her love for it while she plays it, and spends every waking moment with it. I'm beginning to miss my wife.

What I'm currently listening to:

This American Life
the continuous sound of opening beers
three people telling me to get off the computer

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kristy bowen said...

sorry for the delay...I had a serious, serious backlog of April orders anyway after my vacation and throughout May, plus we were totally out of Daniela's book by the time I got to your order and I had to wait for more paper and assemble another was posted early last week, so you should have it in hand already or very soon...:)

you can always reach us at dancinggirlpress (at) yahoo e-mail or just me at wickedpen74 (same as above) clueless as to why they were bouncing back..things seem to be coming through just fine...