Monday, May 19, 2008

How I Lost Ten Pounds in Only Two Years

Step one: Buy these books from Tarpaulin Sky, ONE WAY NO EXIT by G.C. Waldrep and THE EXOTIC MOODS OF LES BAXTER by Paul McCormick and read them feverishly. Also, you want to occasionally skip desert, but I promise these books will be sweet enough.

Step two: Drag your lazy bum down to Hyde Park tomorrow to see (and hear) Sarah Rosenthal and Kristy Bowen read a sampling from their books and maybe a new poem or two! This can be done by showing up at the HPAC at 7:00 and finding a seat. You will burn more calories if you applaud here and there.

Step three: Muster up you gumption and surf over to Anti- is a pretty good journal with new content up (almost) every week, and this week is, true to form, pretty good. And if you feel up to finishing strong, peruse the archive for some good poems by Nate Pritts.

After all this, don't be surprised if you are tired. That's okay, take a nap, or, if its late, go to bed. You will sleep well and your dreams will be filled with a skinnier, well-read version of yourself.

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