Monday, March 31, 2008

Hey! Look at This!

That is a totally kickass new magazine called Fou. Their first issue is a virtual who's who of contemporary poetry: Dorothea Lasky, Matthew Zapruder, Matthew Roher, Zach Schomburg, Bob Hicok, Julie Doxsee...very impressive. Plus, their poems are even good too. It's not one of those journals you look at because you see a name you're really like and then are disappointed by the poems they have inside...not so here, my friends.

I want to be in this journal, and not in a dirty way.

In other news, I will be announcing Further Adventures Chapbooks & Pamphlets year-one lineup very soon...are you excited? I know I am.

Also, come out this Thursday for this reading:
Who: Joyelle McSweeney & Johannes Goransson
Where: Loyola University, Lake Shore Campus (Rogers Park), Damen Hall 340
When: This coming Thursday, April 3, 7:30pm
What: A reading of fiction, & poetry, & translations

It should be good. I've seen them both before and they are adorable.

Well, tomorrow's April so let's take this opportunity to say goodbye to March. "Goodbye March!"

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