Tuesday, March 18, 2008

For Insurance Purposes

When I was a kid I used to take pictures of all my toys. Mostly of them fighting each other: G.I. Joe v. Cobra, He-Man v. Skeletor, my Cabbage Patch v. my brother's Cabbage Patch. My parents would get real angry and threaten to make me pay for film development. They never followed through and I never learned my lesson and so now I present to you the books I read last week v. the books I'm reading right now.

Aaron McNally's "Out of the Blue" eating Jason Bredle's "Standing in Line for the Beast."

Ted Berrigan's "Collected" collecting on George Kalamaras' "Borders My Bent Towards'" ass.
George Kalamaras' author photo pooping on Jason Bredle's author photo (though I really did like Bredle's book more).
What they looked like before I left them alone.

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Jonathan Barrett said...

I am also reading "Standing in Line for the Beast" right now. Although, you're finished. But I will be finished shortly and will hopefully post a few comments about it within the next week or so. I'm on day 4 of quitting smoking...by the way.