Tuesday, March 04, 2008

And for something only a little different

Here's a few poems from Zach Schomburg:

Gabcast! New Lakes Radio #35 - Love is When You Build a Boat from All the Eyelashes in the Ocean • Zachary Schomburg

read by Zachary Schomburg

Gabcast! New Lakes Radio #34 - I Know a Dead Wolf We Can Climb Inside and Beat • Zachary Schomburg

read by Zachary Schomburg

You should go here and check out everything else...it's pretty cool: http://newlakesaudioradio.blogspot.com/

I'm really into this whole recording of poems with your phone into gabcast. I think I might try it soon.

Here's a list of songs I really liked during the month of February

1. Out of Time by Jason Collett
2. Skinny Love by Bon Iver
3. No Coins by Cryptacize
4. Far Far by Yael Naim
5. Little 18 by Eric Matthews
6. See These Bones by Nada Surf
7. The Sweetest Tooth by Camphor
8. Flood Pt. 1 by The Acorn
9. I Saw the Light by State Bird
10. What Makes the Cherry Red by Christine Fellows
11. Brackish Water by The Lisps
12. Jet-Set Fleshtones by The Fleshtones
13. Private Life of a Cat by LK
14. In This City by Iglu & Hartly
15. Dreaming of the Plum Trees by White Hinterland

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