Monday, April 20, 2009

A few quick hits:
  • Joshua Beckman Reading in Chicago -- RLL

    Tuesday April 21st 2009 8pm
    New Wave Coffee
    2557 N. Milwaukee Ave.
    Chicago, IL
  • I've been growing increasingly excited about moving out of Chicago, not really because I have beef with the city, but...well, after two years I feel like we've fought to a draw and it's time to call it.
  • That said, I'm beginning to freak out. Not just about moving, but about my writing, the workshop, my age...everything. As Jack Spicer once said, "I am dissatisfied with my poetry./ I am dissatisfied with my sex life./ I am dissatisfied with the angels I believe in." I think I get that, really, for the first time ever.
  • I need to call my friends, I've been really bad about that lately, but it's time to be good.
  • I want to see this show: Your Pal, Cliff: Selections fromt the H.C. Westermann Study Collection.
  • I've been writing a lot lately, but as I mentioned, am not into it at all. I think I need to go back and just revise the shit out of my last two years worth of poems and try to envision where and how it can make a difference.

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