Tuesday, September 16, 2008

This is a "little" awesome

Microphone + Title by Noah Eli Gordon, read by the author, Eric Baus and Sara Veglahn

+ Octopus Books has Matthew Rohrer's, "They All Seemed Asleep," chap ready to go. Buy it here. Rohrer is one of my fence favorites. I was introduced to his work via the collaboration(s) with Joshua Beckman. I loved those poems, everyone in each of their forms (book, CD and live), but his "solo" work I go back and forth with. I really like "A Green Light" but thought "Rise Up" was a little...easy? What I mean, is that unlike his other books, "Rise Up" was much more narrative based, which is a style I'm currently waning on. That said, I will always be curious to see what he does next. He is a poet of talent and skill and his ability to master differing styles will keep me reading everything he allows me to.

+ Around the office I work in, I am always responsible for the ordering of food. Today I ordered way too much... I've been eating muffins, strudel and bagels, and drinking coffee all morning and now I feel like I have to poop which is bad because I work in a school and the bathrooms are full of kids all the time and whenever a kid realizes somebody's pooping in the bathroom that's all they can talk about and there is nothing more shameful than people talking about you pooping, while you are pooping.

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