Sunday, September 07, 2008

New Boots and Panties!!

My blog was boring me. It looked cluttered. I need to straighten it out. Streamline it. I need to sell merchandise. Amongst other things. I got a new costume for the blog.

I'm going to see Peter Gizzi this week. I've never seen him before. Looking forward to it.

Joshua Wilkinson is doing this:

"Poetry & Chicago" Convocation
featuring brief talks, lunch, and readings by

Lisa Fishman
John Keene
Robyn Schiff
Jennifer Karmin
Quraysh Ali Lansana

with special guest Abraham Smith

When: Friday afternoon November 7th, 2008
Where: Loyola University Chicago, Lake Shore Campus (Rogers Park)
What: Talks, Readings, & Lunch
How much: Free
Open to: General Public, Students, All

The premise of the convocation was to invite five poets to Loyola to talk about Poetry AND what their other work is in/on: whether fiction, activism, publishing, collaboration, environmental work, community outreach, farming, archival work, &etc.

Each of the five "Chicago Poets" will give brief talks about how their work influences their poetics, their projects. We'll break for a catered lunch, and each of the five poets will read from their work--and our special guest Abraham Smith, visiting from Tuscaloosa, Alabama, will also give a brief reading.

It should be fun. I really want to see Abraham Smith, but mostly because I'm reading his book right now. But mostly because he's awesome and one of the big reasons I'm considering Alabama.

Here's a list of schools I will be applying to this fall.

Amherst, Iowa, Illinois, Alabama, Arkansas, Vanderbilt, Wisconsin and then Indiana and Michigan if I have enough money. I'm hoping one of them wants me. I hope you want that for me too.

Did I mention that you need to send me five dollars? Well, you do. And if you do, I will send you your very own copy of Further Adventures Book 1, featuring the work of Aaron McNally and Friedrich Kerksieck. I've had them both over to my house at one time or another. I've been to both their houses too. We've drank together, though it's been far too long since we did it ALL together. If you buy this book, it will just like having them over to your house for drinks. That would be fun.

Send your payment and address to:

B.J. Love
5110 S. Kenwood Ave. #209
Chicago, IL 60615

Love you...

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Anonymous Donor said...

i'm lusting after indiana's phd program in nonprofitness. it looks scrumptious. let the trauma known as "application process" begin!