Tuesday, September 02, 2008


My mother-in-law was in town this weekend. We saw lots of things. Lots of touristy things. Which was fun, because I don't usually get to see the city that way. We went on an architectural cruise. On top of the boat we saw things like this:

On the bottom I saw a bar that made strong drinks. I also saw Joshua Marie Wilkinson and Lily Brown. They were there with Josh's brother and sister-in-law. Josh is going to be in FURTHER ADVENTURES book 2. He was happy to hear that I was putting together book 1 this week. He asked me for a copy. I'm considering it...

Assembly begins tomorrow...if the pages and cover are done at the printer. I like how we still call it a printer even though it's just a couple of guys and really expensive xerox machines. Oh, well.

Is it wrong that I'm excited about seeing Peter Gizzi read next week in hopes that he has some copies of the new Spicer with him? I mean, I'm looking forward to hearing him read, but man, I want that book. I also want into Amherst, but that will be a conversation for a later date.

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Jonathan Barrett said...

Amherst? I remember something you said at AWP. What are you up to Mr. Love? I want to know.