Tuesday, September 09, 2008

I'm bad at following direction(s). Relatively major personal flaw. As such, I am currently reading for my third Comprehensive Exam. First attempt: didn't use the proper mix of John Donne poems. Second attempt: didn't use quotations. At all. Thought it would be fun to try. It wasn't. Now, third try, which is also the last attempt I get and two more than I want.

Texts: Mrs. Dalloway, The Tempest, Leaves of Grass (selections from).

I've read them all before, so it's more of a re-reading.

Tomorrow I think I'm going to watch Daniel Borzutsky read tomorrow night down at the Hyde Park Art Center, say, around 7:00 pm. You should come too. Borzutsky is pretty good. Melissa Severin from Switchback Books will be there as well. I definitely think you should come.

Also, you should buy the book I've published. Info here: www.furtheradventurespress.blogspot.com

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