Friday, August 22, 2008

Things I like

Lego Villains
Whipped cream on top of iced coffee beverages
Pictures of the moon from a car window
Pre-Season sporting events
Seeing the inside of things I've only previously seen the outside of
Effective lighting
Walking home at night

Also, you should totally check out the new issue of diode. You will see it here. Be sure to read G.C. Waldrep's poems in said issue. Rather than knock your socks off, these poems come in while you're sleeping and sneakily peel them off. By the time you're done reading the poems, you're all, "Hey, where'd my socks go?"

My wife is making me go to a knitting expo this weekend...


Jonathan Barrett said...

Did you go to a Bears pre-season game? How was the knitting expo? I haven't picked up Frank Stanford yet but your weekly rants about how awesome he is are wearing me down so I'm sensing an Amazon order soon.

B.J. said...

Yeah, Bears pre-season game vs. the 49ers. There was beer.

There was no beer at the knitting expo, nor was there anything cool... and that's direct quote from Anne.

Frank Stanford is best ordered through Small Press Distribution and since you're rich (to me), buy them all (the three reissued this year).

Jonathan Barrett said...

That's a surprise: no beer at a knitting expo???

I know it's a little early but I think I'm going to register for AWP this weekend.