Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Dreams of a River I Waded With Others Long Ago

Here's a song by a band called Bodies of Water with a singer that sings like David Bowie. These pictures remind me of it, but in a quasi ironic, very un-epic way.

Once, when trying to win a girl's heart, I wrote a poem on fancy stationary and mailed it to her. Only, I didn't write it at all. Like many young men in love I copied song lyrics. There is nothing inherently shameful in this act, we've all done it, but what is shameful is that I copied the lyrics from an Al Jarreau record. A safe bite, yes, (what 14 year old listens to Al Jarreau?) but also totally embarrassing to admit.

Equally embarrassing? I actually owned that record, and I spent my allowance on it...

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