Saturday, August 02, 2008

The Homegirl's Homan girl

The increasingly impressive Brandi Homan has an awesome review of Clay Matthews' "Superfecta," over on Gently Read Literature.

How awesome, you ask? Homan describes Matthews' poems just like you'd imagine hardcore Cure fans describing a live Cure show, saying the poems create
"a gut-ache for the reader whose only appropriate response is either to cry or make out with someone really, really hard…or both."

In fact, that actually does describe my immediate response to the Cure show I saw back 1996. Ah youth, back when raging hormones made every emotion intensely arousing.

By the way, in honor of the final week of my twenties, every post up to the big day will include a reference to some gross, obscene and/or embarrassing moment of my life up to now...

Stay tuned. Well, not literally, go check out the shit I tell you to, but keep coming back.


Jonathan Barrett said...

I'm back.

B-Ho said...

Hey BJ, thanks much for the props! If you liked the review, you'll love the book... I found a lot in it where you could just swap out "Oklahoma" with "Iowa" and we'd totally relate.

Also, after my dog, who's obviously the cutest dog in the world, your dog is SO DAMN CUTE!