Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I really wish I would have had my camera for this, but on my way home today I walked past a couple sitting on the end of a bench in the park. He was reclined, his arms spread out across the back. She was leaning over, her elbows resting in that spot just above your knee cap where elbows seem to fit perfectly. She also had a cigarette in her hand that was just briefly showing all the places her wrist was dropping her fingers. She was talking, but I don't think it was specifically to her partner. Next to them, sitting side by side by side, were about 7 baby dolls of differing ethnicities, meaning, some were brown and some were rosy. Each one was dirty, but fully clothed; shirts, skirts, bibs, pants, shoes and hats.

Two parents and their 7 children.

In other news, Wilkinson has completely redone/updated his Rabbit Light Movies site. You should go check it out: http://www.rabbitlightmovies.com/

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