Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The only question is, could I leave HERE and get THERE by 8?

Zach Schomburg is reading his poem, The Pond, this Friday in Iowa City at the Burford Gallery. I've actually been in conversation with a sculptor friend about doing something like this...once again, Schomburg takes a good idea of mine and gives it the glossy brown appearance of been there, done that.

However, this is something I would definitely go to if I wasn't 5 hours away from it. For those who happen to be within 3 the details are thus: Show opens at 7:30, reading follows closely at 8, and you can find all this at 141 North Riverside Drive, 150 Art Building West, Iowa City, IA, or just Google "God's country," and I'm sure it will point you in the right direction...

While you're there, be sure to swing by Prairie Lights Books, THE best bookstore I've ever been to, and I've been to a lot of fucking bookstores. They have a shit-ton of journals upstairs and in the downstairs back right-hand corner is a poetry section without rival...I kid not. Go check it out and you will see why I'm wholly unsatisfied with every other poetry section in every bookstore I've so far been to.

What I've just laid out would be my ideal night...there was a good 5 minute space between this paragraph and the last that I spent dreaming about how awesome it would be...if this doesn't interest you in the least, you should still go for my sake.

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