Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Let's do something together...

I want to ask you a favor...but I'm nervous. Here's the deal: I want to share this space with you, I mean, more than we do now. Now, I write and you read, which are actually two entirely separate events and though you could argue that one does not exist without the other, I'm going to tell you that that is bullshit. What I want is for you to send me book reviews (poetry related, of course) that I can post here. But like any good show, here's the twist...I want you to mail them to me on a postcard. Tell US about books that rocked your world or perhaps books whose tour ends here. Tell us why, tell us how, but most importantly tell us on the half of a postcard that is allotted for writing on. What I will then do is scan it in (front & back) and post it up here for the world to see.

You know what I'm reading, now I want to know what you're reading. The purpose of this blog can't ramble on based on my tastes alone. I like swiss cheese. I like KFC biscuits. I like Zach Schomburg. What do you like?

Send your postcards to me, B.J. Love at 5110 South Kenwood Avenue #209, Chicago, IL 60615.


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