Friday, April 25, 2008

Chicken Parts (2)

I'm really into chickens right now. I want to buy one, feed it pizza rolls and small pebbles. I want to convince him/her that he/she is a super hero and even harder, I want to convince him/her that he/she's secret identity is a research scientist specializing in genetics. Chicken, I'd say, you have a PhD in Gene Mapping. You enjoy the connect-the-dot quality of the process. Ironically, you hate wearing jeans, even when they are your favorite color, which is salmon. When trouble arises you take to the skies in a flurry of feathers and zoom to your destiny.

For every gene he cracks I will feed him one pizza roll. For every inch he gets off the ground I will feed him one pizza roll. When he gets tired of pizza rolls I will feed him pebbles like aspirin, perhaps say something ridiculous like, take two of these and call in the morning.

It might take years, but eventually my chicken will call himself Adam. Every morning he will put on a lab jacket and stand over the sink scratching his chin. Occasionally, he will thrust a wing into the air and bock, A-Ha! Then, when I scream for help he will leap into action and change himself into the superhero known to you and I as, Genetic Chicken.

I imagine him looking like this:

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Amanda said...

he/she becomes he becomes Adam. yikes! evolutionary patriarchy.