Monday, April 28, 2008

Donald Hall, "White Apples & the Taste of Stone"

Postcard Review #1

My favorite thing about this card, besides it being the first one, besides the awesome thumb drawings, is that it merges the works of Donald Hall and the Harlequin series (look for the copyright).

I started Dan Beachy-Quick's, "Spell" today. I think I will read it more, but while in the tub. It's a very wet book. Wet and whaley. 10 pages in, and I like how he's working with syntax and linebreaks.

Speaking of linebreaks, linebreak has a pretty good Bob Hicok poem up, at least for today. Read it at

I will write more on "Spell" later, but for now, send me a postcard and make me happy...

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