Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My very good and generous friend, Aaron McNally, has blessed me with a very good and generous Michigander review. Read it here.

After much bubbling the skies have settled. Over the last week I've seen rainbows shooting lightning into the earth, a parasol hiding tornadoes and a great goopy rain that hung from trees like towlines. I am happy for each of these.

Next week I'm heading up to Minneapolis to read for the Pocket Lab. This fact makes me nervous to no end. BUT, I will have books to sell, both my own and that of my press, Further Adventures. I'm going to need gas money, so please, please buy some.

After 8 weekday mornings I have managed to trick large groups of youths that writing is the most fun of all the arts...which means I have only 2 more to blow it. Today we read Shane Jones' "Floating Animals," poem and then wrote news stories (after interviewing each other) on what it was like seeing those animals drift through our towns. Half way into one particular interview, a six-year old decided she was a dog named Stripes and would only answer in barks and growls. It was the most awesome thing I've ever seen.

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