Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I feel like the world is a new place since last we discussed it. Like I'm wearing new socks, or maybe it's just that my hair looks really good today. Have you thought of this? Tomorrow, when it rains, I will be comfortably inside. That is a promise I've made to myself before, I know, but if I can't mean it this time...

I'm reading online that my mini-chapbook, "Michigander," should be done soon. Like within a few days soon. This is exciting to a guy like me.

What are your feelings on cats and ascots?

Do you have Diet Mountain Dew in your fountain? I'm so there.

Tomorrow at 7 you should head to Prairie Lights and watch Amanda Nadelberg read. You just should.

I someday hope to x-ray my entire family. Do you suppose that possible?

My kitchen flooded last week and then some friends came over and then we grilled meat. I think that pretty much catches us up.

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