Monday, April 05, 2010

Heading to Denver tomorrow morning. Hoping to get some quality time in with an old friend before the AWP madness sets in. We're going to eat food, drink drinks and watch baseball...just like old times.

Last week, during one of DB-Q's better non sequiturs, he said that AWP was "like Whitman's barbaric yawp, only, there is no why..."

Just below this post I've pre-posted my course description for next Fall. My favorite thing about it is that it says 'stuff' so many times you begin to wonder if 'stuff' is even a word. My second favorite thing about it is that the only sentence that doesn't seem a little off is, "This class will be real hard." My class will be hard...did you see the reading list?

I finished up 20+ Baus chaps today while watching the Cardinals play baseball. In short, the experience was quite fulfilling. If you'd like a Baus book in Denver, just ask Eric whereabouts I was the last place he saw me. I move pretty slow...who knows, I may just still be there. Also, on the chance that any of the 2 people who may read this have a table at the book fair and wouldn't mind a little pink and tan book cluttering up their space, I'd let you keep the money for 1 of every 2 know, for your trouble.

Has anyone else noticed that there is officially too much stuff to do at AWP? Seriously, there's like 3 off site reading every the same time...all over the city. What's a young man to do?

Regardless, I'm not missing this one:
Possess Nothing: a small press event
Plus Gallery, 2501 Larimer Street (near the conference)
Saturday, April 10th, 7:00-10:00 p.m.
“Watch yourself unfold and close-out the AWP week with five presses that walk the path of dispossession. Fourteen readers; 100 minutes; singular enlightenment. Action Books, Apostrophe Books, Black Ocean, Slope Editions and Tarpaulin Sky Press present: Jessica Baran, Crystal Curry, Julie Doxsee, Sandy Florian, Lara Glenum, Johannes Goransson, Joe Hall, Lucy Ives, Paul Foster Johnson, Gordon Massman, Zachary Schomburg, Abraham Smith, Shelly Taylor, Amy Wright.”


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