Monday, November 03, 2008

Post Halloween/Pre Election Hangover

In case you missed it, Halloween was this weekend. My wife painstakingly created a spot-on Veruca Salt costume. She asked me to go as Mike TV. I instead went as our nation's next president, Baracktimus Prime...he seems to have the electorate convinced that what we need, in times like these, is a tranformer.

I also finally got around to reading Daniel Borzutzky's "The Ecstasy of Capitulation." There is something to be said about the use of the non-vital line as a space-maker in poems. That's not to say that the poems in this collection are riddled with wasted lines, but much like the asides we use in conversation to buy us a bit of time, there are lines in his poems that seem to give you a bit of breathing room, a chance to collect your thoughts. The main praise I can heap on this book though, is that its funny. And unlike many satires this day and age, Borzutzky's satire is cutting, but only to make pieces bite sized and a little easier to swallow.

There are new issues of DIAGRAM and FOU up.

Tomorrow, I'll be voting at the same polling place as the Obama's. I think I might just hang around until they show up. I'll probably chat it up with the homeless guys that sit in front of that church, they think I'm funny, but not because I try. Anyway, I'll be glad when this whole thing is over. Real glad. I woke up this morning to a helicopter hovering above my building and it wasn't one of those silent ones from "Conspiracy Theory."

Series A is this week. So is Dr. Joshua Marie Wilkinson's Chicago Poetry Convocation. You should probably make plans for at least one, and if I might try to persuade you, the CPC has a free lunch.

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