Tuesday, November 11, 2008

It's been a long, not so awesome week...bits & pieces

The morning following the election was kick-ass. Everything else pretty much sucked, like a drafty window sucks, or your freezer as it tries to re-compress itself.

Here a few things that don't suck:

  • Justin Marks' interview here. Though his aesthetics make me feel derivative, they are everything I want my press to be.
  • Speaking of my press, I've thrown a bit of coal onto the fire and am now working on layout and design. It's all very primordial, but I'm hoping have something ready to ship for the holidays.
  • I've started reading Ted Berrigan's Collected Poems. A smattering of my favorite lines thus far: "Her rule was grand it twists like a boulevard." "This man hates his aunt so he licks her feet/Laughing at her brilliant comas of goo..." "Tear down your undies let me see some lunch..." The best thing about Berrigan that I've realized is his preference to use words as an artistic medium...thoroughly. He will often place words in his poems in a very atmospheric manner, their function and existence not based solely on the advancement of a textual meaning; like a splash of read on an otherwise dark canvas, they are there to cause separation from the text, or to realign your focus, or both (think flying over the city you live in).
All for now...

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