Sunday, March 21, 2010

One of Jojo's ears popped up yesterday. We took a picture of it. Immediately after this she peed on our comforter. I have a small washer, so laundering was no easy task. The lesson I learned here; standing ears has zero correlation with not peeing on comforters.

Hey! Do you like prose poems? Then check out this new (free) anthology of poets working in that medium. I'm one, and there are others. Hopefully, it will be here.

Also, Carl had this to say about my pamphlet. I still don't have too many details, so I'm looking forward to what it will be. Whatever that is, at least it won't just be a .doc on my computer any more...that will be real nice.

School start back up tomorrow and I'm kind of excited. With no vacation plans, spring break wound up being more work than school could ever be. I did write a review for Heather Christle's book, "The Difficult Farm." Someone actually asked me to do it, so it won't show up here, unless they reject my effort, than it may...if I'm not totally embarrassed by it. AND, I knocked 4 more books of my to-read list which was both fun and functional. But, yeah, school and its routine will be pretty sweet.

I heard once that Brandi Homan (who is also featured in the anthology) was reading this Thursday and UNI, but have not heard much in a while, so I can't say for certain if it is happening, but if it is, you should be there. I'll throw up more details as I discover them.

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